Joe Trussell, Senior Pastor

Pastor Joe Trussell has served as Senior Pastor of the Church of God (Holiness) since July of 1994. Joe was born in Bolivia, the son of missionaries. Then after he married Faith, they went back to Bolivia to follow in his parents’ footsteps. While they were in Bolivia, their daughter Erica was born. Their second daughter, Becca, was born while they were on furlough. They returned to the United States in 1993 where, one year later, Joe accepted the position of Senior Pastor here in El Dorado Springs.  Joe and Faith raised their family in the church and now have two grandchildren which are the absolute pride of their lives.  Joe loves to play racquetball, ride his bicycle, and hunt; but his favorite pastime is mountain climbing.  He has climbed many mountains over the past 25 years - Mt. Ararat in Turkey, Mt. Kilimanjaro on the roof of Africa, several 14ers in Colorado, and his personal “high”: Mt. Sajama at 21,463 feet above sea level in the country of Bolivia.  Having missions embedded in his DNA has taken Joe into 40 different countries around the world, where he has had the privilege of teaching and preaching Christ in Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist countries.  Joe loves his ministry at the Church of God (Holiness) and considers it a privilege to be part of the team!



Jim Purtle, Youth Pastor

Jim Purtle is the Youth Pastor here at the COGH. He came here as an intern in 2002 and just never left. Jim leads the high school and junior high youth groups. Jim also helps lead worship music on Sundays, and oversees our technology and keeps all the electronics running. His wife Cindy is a math professor and volunteers with several church ministries. Jim and Cindy welcomed their daughter Laura into the world in 2012, and their second child Jack was born in 2014. Finally in 2016, their family grew even more with the addition of the twins, Andy and Jonny.


Tessie Watkins, Children’s Ministry Director

Tessie Watkins is the Children's Director here at COGH. Tessie joined our staff in November 2016. Her husband, Brandon, works for an area John Deere dealership. He regularly helps out during weekly church events. Brandon and Tessie are the parents of two energetic little girls, Sadie and Anna; and a precocious young man named Carter. After some life-changing events, they felt God had led them to teach His word, to love His people, and to share His love more intentionally in our Children's Ministry. They are excited to love, teach, and have some fun with the kids. Their excitement is overflowing at the possibilities God is holding in His hands.


Darrin Griffin, Worship Leader

Darrin Griffin is our Director of Music Ministries here at the COGH. Darrin leads worship music, organizes singing groups, and co-directs our Easter drama. His wife, Jane, plays the piano and does many things behind the scenes to assist in this ministry. Darrin and Jane both teach at the local high school. They are the parents of three wonderful children, Megan, Ryan, and Logan, who often volunteer at the church as well.


Silas McGehee, Pastoral Care

Pastor Silas McGehee turned 90 years old in 2018, but he’s still going strong! Born on a Wyoming ranch, he’s been a cowboy, shepherd, sawmill owner, pastor, mechanic, general contractor, missions director, evangelist, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and follower of Jesus over seven decades of ministry!

Silas and his wife Irene raised eight children and served faithfully all over the United States. They were married over 60 years before Irene went to heaven.

We’re so fortunate that when he retired from full-time ministry, Silas chose to make El Dorado Springs his home and invest his time in care for those who are hospitalized, homebound, and just generally in need of encouragement. He still calls in dozens of homes and several hospitals and care homes each week.

Since Silas turned 90, he’s been partnering up more with Pastor Richard Beckham, his old fishing and hunting buddy. Together they cover lots of miles on the road, visiting those who are having surgeries and other medical difficulties and have to be an hour or two away from home in hospitals.


Richard Beckham, pastoral care

Pastor Richard Beckham retired from over five decades of full-time ministry in 2018, and decided to make El Dorado Springs his home. We were so happy to get Pastor Silas’ old fishing and hunting buddy to join him in serving in the ministry of pastoral care!

Pastor Richard and his wife Wanda have served in ministry all over the United States. Richard’s singing ministry took him all around the world, including singing for President Ronald Reagan.


It’s a homecoming of sorts for Pastor Richard, who served as the lead pastor of our church in the 1970’s, and led the construction of our previous church building, including a move across town from the previous location on South Ohio Street. After serving other churches (most notably in Lake Charles, Louisiana), Pastor Richard returned to us four decades later to join Pastor Silas in serving those in need of compassion and care.

If you’re ever in the mood for some hunting and fishing stories (most of them actually true!), just sit near these guys and mention Wyoming or Minnesota!


Mitzi Norman, Secretary

When you call the church, Mitzi is the one you will talk to. She is really the one who runs everything around here! If you want something, she will know where it is. Mitzi joined our team in March 2012. Her favorite thing about ministering at the El Dorado Springs COGH is "helping people and spending her workdays with people who are just like family." Mitzi has been married to Mike for 26 years and has three daughters, two sons-in-law, and a growing collection of grandchildren!


Barb Bland, Administrative Assistant

Barb is married to Ralph and has two children and even a reasonably-useful son-in-law!  When asked to name her favorite thing about ministering at the El Dorado Springs COGH, she said, "Using the gifts God gave me for Him."  She is the resident proofreader and copy writer, the “hey, how does this look?” consultant, and general aesthetic quality-control supervisor. She does print materials and marketing and all sorts of things. Barb is invaluable to the operation of the church, and we are happy to have her on staff.


D’Ette Eaves, Financial Secretary

D’Ette is a wonderful lady. She handles all the paperwork and receipts and such; and also hosts dinners, volunteers endlessly for community charities and other good causes, and just generally loves people like Jesus does. Her favorite thing about ministering at the El Dorado Springs COGH is "being with the people."  We are thankful for D'Ette, especially when she makes all the bills go away!